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Thank you for interest in SmartStruxure solution! We invite you to explore this section to find the materials you need to make you successful – from sales assets and tools to software, documentation, and support. One stop for all of your SmartStruxure solution questions.
Looking to understand the benefits of transitioning to SmartStruxure solution? Explore the materials and tools available to help you transition your customers’ sites.
SmartStruxure™ Lite solution is a fast, easy way to future-fit small- to medium-sized buildings using Web and wireless technology to control HVAC, lighting and metering. Save energy, save time, and improve comfort with minimal impact on operations.
HVAC control for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.
Your security team needs innovative, enabling tools to mitigate liability, reduce risk, ensure continuity, and meet government and insurance regulations — with secure access; anywhere, any time.
Field Devices - Input and Output Devices at the Foundation of the BMS
Valves - Vital Control Components at the Foundation of the BMS
Sensors - The Business Card of a Building Management System
Actuators - Smart Starts at the Foundation of the BMS
Power Meters: Crucial components to optimize power up-time and building performance.
Your single source solution for HVAC and electronic access control
Integration, intelligence and TCP/IP deliver a smarter Building Energy Management System.
Maximum system reliability and security optimized for you building management.
Enterprise-wide control solutions across industry standard communication platforms
Delivering on the demand for high level control, integration and reporting.
Delivering on the demand for high level control, integration and reporting.