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Welcome to the EcoXpert™ Podcast​

This Podcast has been created to give you the latest information of how technology is shaping the way we are using, designing and controlling the energy usage in buildings to create more efficient and comfortable environments. With the help of my co-hosts Dusan Janjic and Kevin Morin, both experts in their fields of environmental and power control, over the coming months with the help of Case Study examples, interviews and open discussion, we hope to bring you the latest news and ideas about how you can improve the use of energy in your Buildings.​

Your Host

Martin Feder

I have been in the BMS for 34 years, having started in the UK with Satchwell Control Systems Ltd in 1985, who became Invensys and then Schneider Electric. During that time I lived in Germany, Italy and now am based in Slovenia but travel the world to do my job.

Having qualified with an HNC in Building Services I also went on to do the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Marketing.

Being half British and half German (able to speak both languages fluently) I have experienced most areas of the industry, from Product Management to engineering and delivering integrated Building Management Systems.

The Feders

When I can, I spend as much time as possible with my family. My wife works for the Slovene government, my son is studying car mechanics and is a very good singer and guitar player and my daughter who is still in middle school is a keen rower. Watching them play or compete is the best thrill a parent can have.


Kevin Morin

Kevin is a Certified Energy Manager, with experience developing projects and solutions with engineering managers, consultants and facilities teams to improve how they manage energy, while improving power reliability and optimizing electrical maintenance. He has been with Schneider Electric for almost 15 years, working in Canada, the United States, and in global roles. Today, he is managing a network of over 500 system integration companies that develop digital power management solutions.

Kevin is based on Canada’s west coast, in the city of Victoria. When he’s not traveling for work, he enjoys time in the garden with family, catching live music in town, and exploring the local mountains and beaches.

Dusan Janjic

Dusan Janjic is the global EcoXpert™ lighting and room control badge owner at Schneider Electric where he has spent the last 15 years on making smart buildings a reality. Dusan has lived and worked in North America, the Gulf and Europe and holds a degree in Computer Engineering from McGill University and MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. He lives in the Netherlands. When not working Dusan enjoys spending time with family and friends and indulging his passions for travel, exploration, and learning.

Episode 1

In this first episode Martin interviews Paul Whittingham from Schneider Electric. An expert in the field of Building Management systems and in particular the development of analytical software, to provide the user with real time information as to how their building is performing. Through Pauls insight you are able to understand how this technology has been developed and the future that it holds​.

Paul studied aerospace engineering at University of Manchester institute of science and technology (UMIST) with a dissertation in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in aerofoil performance for Indycars using ground effect. After graduating he joined Satchwell Control Systems Ltd, UK in 2004 and entered the Field Services division.

Paul then worked in Bureau services before joining the Energy Services Division and he managed Bureau services and launched a full Buildings Analytics offer, an asset advisor and IT advisor in the UK as part of global field services solutions.
Paul is now a Global Business Development Director in charge of the Building Analytics offer from Schneider Electric.

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